On 2/8/19 1:37 PM, Kevin Pye wrote:
Unpack is very useful if you have multiple items you want to unpack, and if you're familiar with the Perl 5 unpack then there's the P5pack module (which isn't a full implementation of Perl 5's unpack, but is useful for simpler things). If you want to unpack so

I started using Perl at Perl 5.  I jumped to Perl 6 as soon as
I got a load of the sub routine declaration  clean up.  I write
in Top Down and live and die with subs.  Perl 5's sub declarations
are a pain in the ...

As far as my buf to integer problem, I will just write
a sub and use shift and OR.  Hmmm.   Top Down again.
Maybe I will make it into a module if I see myself using
it in other programs.  I worked a lot with AND and OR gates
many years ago and it brings back memories.

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