the perl6-native "read-int32" or native-but-experimental "unpack" are the
natural answers- they map well from problem to answer! There's a good
example of perl6's pack in this thread.

read-int32 was mentioned without an example so...

my Buf $x =, 0xFF, 0x88, 0xAE,0x5D,0x5C,0x72);

Buf:0x<00 FF 88 AE 5D 5C 72>

> $,LittleEndian).base(0x10)

===SORRY!=== Error while compiling:

Undeclared name:

    LittleEndian used at line 1

 Oh darn, need Perl6.d for read-int32 and the Endian enums! Is 6.d packaged
for general use?



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