On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 22:05, Peyman wrote:
> I checked 10 randomly selected words and I didn't find
> the same data in my Aryanpour CD (7 volume,
> Translators' version). It doesn't seem to me the same
> data;

Maybe it's one of the shorter Aryanpours? Is it *very* different then?

> however, it may have used Aryanpour as one of
> its sources which is quite legal if it is mentioned in
> its sources.

It really depends. But I agree that if it wanted to be legal and it had
used Aryanpour, it should have mentioned the source at least.

> I also checked those words with Bateni
> and that was not Bateni either.

It's definitely not Bateni, Bateni was published very recently.

> PS: Mr. Pournader didn't mention that he has also
> received a copy of that data ;)

OK, let's make things clear from my involvement. I have been in
communication with Massoud long long ago to possibly have someone do a
PHP version. I didn't do that, perhaps since:

a) I found the data file having many spelling problems;
b) I couldn't find the time or a developer with the time;
c) I found a much better dictionary later. (That's another story, but
you may be able to guess something if you read between the lines on my
open communication with Behdad).

It seems that SchoolNet people didn't have the same problems.


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