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    > I am a little confused about some of my settings when it comes to map

    > linux/psql users.

    I think you're misunderstanding what the user-mapping stuff does.

    It does not silently translate the username in the connection request

    to something else; rather, it checks whether a user having the given

    external name is allowed to log in as a particular Postgres user.

    So there's nothing particularly wrong with your config files, but your

    expectation about how your Linux users should log in to the database is

    mistaken.  dovecot needs to specify that it wants to log in as mailman,

    and likewise mattermost needs to specify mmuser.

    If it's not practical to make the client applications send non-default

    user names, you'll need to rename the Postgres roles to match the
    external user names.


thank you for this point. I am not sure to understand the last part:
<rename the Postgres roles to match the external user names>. Do you
mean best would be for dovecot to log in as dovecot Postgres user, and
mattermost as mattermost Postgres user ?
Thank you for precising.

Yes, that was Tom was getting at. Create dovecot and mattermost roles(users) in Postgres.


                            regards, tom lane

Adrian Klaver

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