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    > I am a little confused about some of my settings when it comes to map

    > linux/psql users.

    I think you're misunderstanding what the user-mapping stuff does.

    It does not silently translate the username in the connection request

    to something else; rather, it checks whether a user having the given

    external name is allowed to log in as a particular Postgres user.

    So there's nothing particularly wrong with your config files, but your

Then, if my files are correct, why can't I connect ?

 % psql --dbname=mattermost --username=mmuser
psql: FATAL:  Peer authentication failed for user "mmuser"

What system user are you doing the above as?

login with postgres is OK (pg_hba.conf settings: local
all                 postgres       trust):
 % psql --dbname=mattermost --username=postgres
psql (9.5.4)
Type "help" for help.

mattermost=# \q

I can't see why I can't connect as Postgresuser mmuser.

Common issues:

1) You have more then one Postgres cluster and you are not connecting to the one you think you are.

2) pg_hba.conf works on first match wins, so you have another line that matches the criteria but is not pointing at the correct map.

You had it working here:


So other then adding the mapping for the dovecot user, did anything else change?

                            regards, tom lane

Adrian Klaver

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