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    So other then adding the mapping for the dovecot user, did anything else


after a little bit of cleaning and a change in my Postgres username (now
postgres username == unix user), the various commands to connect are

Now I want to be sure to have correctly understood the mapping story.
Say root is running myApp, and at one point, myApp is poling a
postgresql DB as user myUser.
Run myApp as root:
# myApp

Do I have to add an entry in pg_ident to map linux user root to Postgres
myUser ? Or the command above will be enough with no entries in pg_ident
or pg_hba ?

The answer depends on what result you are trying to achieve.

Are you trying to restrict access to a database by Postgres user only, regardless of who they logged into the system as?

Or do you want to restrict access based on their system user login as well?

If not the above, what are your criteria for determining who can log in to the database?

TY for your time.

Adrian Klaver

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