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> Hi,
> Why does
> ALTER EXTENSION name OWNER TO new_owner;
> not exist?
> I have a bunch of extensions that were installed by a role that I want
> to drop. So I thought I would do like I do for other object types:
> ALTER <object_type> name OWNER TO new_owner;
> But that doesn't exist for extensions. I also can't drop the extension
> and recreate it because other objects depend on it.
> What can I do?
> This is on PostgreSQL 9.3.
> Thanks,
> Colin
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*AFAIK, extensions do not have an owner.  They just exist and are available
to everyone.*

*If you are having a particular problem (other than owner) with an
extension, it would be helpful to*

*post a script to illustrate that.  You should be able to drop the role
without any problem. *

*If an error occurs, then please advise on that and include the exact

*Melvin Davidson*
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wish to share my fantasy is entirely up to you.

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