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>> Scott Marlowe <scott.marl...@gmail.com> writes:
>> > Seems like something that should be handled by alter doesn't it?
>> I have some vague memory that we intentionally didn't implement
>> ALTER EXTENSION OWNER because we were unsure what it ought to do
>> about ownership of objects belonging to the extension.  If the answer
>> is "nothing" then it wouldn't be hard to add such a statement.
> The documented contract of CREATE EXTENSION(1)/ALTER EXTENSION ADD
> MEMBER(2) requires that the extension owner and the owner of the member
> objects be one-and-the-same (I suppose the inclusion of DROP in (2) makes
> this debatable).  I do not know what happens today if someone tries to
> ALTER OBJECT SET OWNER on a member object to a role other than the owner of
> the extension.  From the docs I'd suggest that it should fail.  Likewise,
> ALTER EXTENSION OWNER should cascade to all members - which (3), and normal
> dependency tracking, seems to make straight-forward.
> 1>The user who runs CREATE EXTENSION becomes the owner of the extension
> for purposes of later privilege checks, as well as the owner of any objects
> created by the extension's script.
> 2>You must own the extension to use ALTER EXTENSION. The ADD/DROP forms
> require ownership of the added/dropped object as well.
> 3>CREATE EXTENSION additionally records the identities of all the created
> objects, so that they can be dropped again if DROP EXTENSION is issued.
> David J.


*The problem is, The current owner of the extension needs to be dropped. No
one should have to jump through hoops*
*just to be able to do that. There is definitely a need for an*

*ALTER EXTENSION name OWNER TO new_owner.*
*As Tom Lane has already pointed out, it would not be hard to add that.*

*Melvin Davidson*
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