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> Scott Marlowe <scott.marl...@gmail.com> writes:
> > Seems like something that should be handled by alter doesn't it?
> I have some vague memory that we intentionally didn't implement
> ALTER EXTENSION OWNER because we were unsure what it ought to do
> about ownership of objects belonging to the extension.  If the answer
> is "nothing" then it wouldn't be hard to add such a statement.

The documented contract of CREATE EXTENSION(1)/ALTER EXTENSION ADD
MEMBER(2) requires that the extension owner and the owner of the member
objects be one-and-the-same (I suppose the inclusion of DROP in (2) makes
this debatable).  I do not know what happens today if someone tries to
ALTER OBJECT SET OWNER on a member object to a role other than the owner of
the extension.  From the docs I'd suggest that it should fail.  Likewise,
ALTER EXTENSION OWNER should cascade to all members - which (3), and normal
dependency tracking, seems to make straight-forward.

1>The user who runs CREATE EXTENSION becomes the owner of the extension for
purposes of later privilege checks, as well as the owner of any objects
created by the extension's script.

2>You must own the extension to use ALTER EXTENSION. The ADD/DROP forms
require ownership of the added/dropped object as well.

3>CREATE EXTENSION additionally records the identities of all the created
objects, so that they can be dropped again if DROP EXTENSION is issued.

David J.

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