Hello Tom,

FWIW, I share Andres' concern that pgbench is being extended far past what anyone has shown a need for. If we had infinite resources this wouldn't be a big problem, but it's eating into limited committer hours and I'm not really convinced that we're getting adequate return.

Another specific point about the CF patch management:

A lot of patches do not even get a review: no immediate interest or more often no ressources currently available, patch stays put, I'm fine with that.

Now, some happy patches actually get reviews and are switched to ready, which shows that somebody saw enough interest in them to spend some time to improve them.

If committers ditch these reviewed patches on weak ground (eg "I do not need this feature so nobody should need it"), it is both in contradiction with the fact that someone took the time to review it, and is highly demotivating for people who do participate to the reviewing process and contribute to hopefully improve these patches, because the reviewing time just goes to the drain in the end even when the patch is okay.

So for me killing ready patches in the end of the process and on weak ground can only make the process worse. The project is shooting itself in the foot, and you cannot complain later that there is not enough reviewers.


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