Please check your numbers before criticising someone unduly.

I did.  I filtered emails by threads, and counted the number of

I do not see how this is related to the number of patch submissions or the number of reviews posted, but it is certainly counting something.

The CF reviewer data are mostly accurate for me, and show that I do more reviews than submissions.

Now I'm not paid for this, and I only want to help. If the project think that I can help more by not contributing, it just has to ask.

because pgbench isn't overflow safe. I reported that, but you didn't
follow up with fixes.

Indeed. AFAICR you did it before, I think that I reviewed it, it was not a
period for which I had a lot of available time, and I did not feel it was
something that urgent to fix because there was no practical impact. I would
have done it later, probably.

It's still not fixed.

Then I apologise: I definitely missed something. I'll look into it, although it may be yet another patch submission.


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