because pgbench isn't overflow safe. I reported that, but you didn't
follow up with fixes.

Indeed. AFAICR you did it before, I think that I reviewed it, it was not a
period for which I had a lot of available time, and I did not feel it was
something that urgent to fix because there was no practical impact. I would
have done it later, probably.

It's still not fixed.

Then I apologise: I definitely missed something. I'll look into it, although it may be yet another patch submission.

After investigation, my memory was indeed partly failing. I mixed your point with the handling of int_min / -1 special case which was committed some time ago.

In your initial mail you stated that you were going to send a patch for that shortly, and I concluded that I would certainly review it. I would not start developing a patch if someone said they would do it. No patch has been sent after 3 months. I can do it sometime in the future, although it would be yet another small patch submission from me which you like to criticise.

I'll answer on the technical point in the initial thread. I agree that the strtoint64 function which does not handle min int is not great.


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