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> On 02/28/2018 08:42 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> > I noticed that pg_verify_checksum takes an "-o oid" argument to only
> > check the relation with that OID; but that's wrong, because the number
> > is a relfilenode, not an OID (since it's compared to the on-disk file
> > name).  I would suggest changing everything to clarify that it's a
> > pg_class.relfilenode value, otherwise it's going to be very confusing.
> > Maybe use "-f filenode" if -f is available?
> >
> I'd argue this is merely a mistake in the --help text. Firstly,
> relfilenodes are OIDs too, so I don't think "-o" is incorrect. Secondly,
> the SGML docs actually say:
>   <varlistentry>
>    <term><option>-o <replaceable>relfilenode</replaceable></option></term>
>    <listitem>
>     <para>
>      Only validate checksums in the relation with specified relfilenode.
>     </para>
>    </listitem>
>   </varlistentry>
Yeah, that one is my fault. It used to say oid all over but I noticed and
fixed it. Except I clearly missed the --help.

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