Magnus Hagander wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 10:07 PM, Tomas Vondra <

> > I'd argue this is merely a mistake in the --help text. Firstly,
> > relfilenodes are OIDs too, so I don't think "-o" is incorrect. Secondly,
> > the SGML docs actually say:

> Yeah, that one is my fault. It used to say oid all over but I noticed and
> fixed it. Except I clearly missed the --help.

Obviously option names are completely arbitrary -- you could say
"-P relfilenode" and it'd still be 'correct', since it works as
documented.  But we try to make these options mnemotechnic when we can,
and I don't see any relation between "-o" and "relfilenode", so I
suggest picking some other letter.  There's a whole alphabet out there.

Either "-r" or "-f" works better for me than "-o".

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