Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> Excerpts from Tom Lane's message of mié feb 23 19:39:23 -0300 2011:
>> My recollection is that this was pretty tightly coupled to the wCTE
>> patch.  I had been intending to review them together, and have just
>> now come up for air enough to start doing that.  Do you really want
>> to review this one separately?

> Dunno.  If you're gonna pick it up I guess my time is best spent
> elsewhere.  There was some restructuring in code in postgres.c to be
> done near this patch, which wasn't attacked at all by Marko AFAICS.
> Maybe I should be looking at that instead.

Well, Marko claims they're independent, so if you feel it fits into
what you're doing you're welcome to it.  But I was planning to deal
with Marko's two patches as soon as the FDW dust settled, and it
seems to be settled.

                        regards, tom lane

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