On 16.07.2011 03:14, Tom Lane wrote:
"Kevin Grittner"<kevin.gritt...@wicourts.gov>  writes:
OK, after getting distracted by test failures caused by an unrelated
commit, I've confirmed that this passes my usual tests.  I don't
know anything about the tools used for extracting the text for the
translators, so if that needs any corresponding adjustment, someone
will need to point me in the right direction or cover that part

Well, the point is that this function *isn't* going to be known to the
NLS code, so AFAICS no adjustments should be needed there.  You did miss
some places that ought to be updated (mumble sources.sgml mumble) but
unless I hear objections to the whole idea, I'll fix and apply this

I find it strange to simply leave those strings untranslated. It's going to look wrong, like someone just forgot to translate them. However, I agree it's perhaps a bit too much detail to translate all of those messages, and the translations would probably sound weird because there isn't established terms for these things yet.

I think I would prefer something like this:

ERROR: could not serialize access due to read/write dependencies among transactions
DETAIL: Reason code: %s
HINT:  The transaction might succeed if retried.

Where %s gets the current detail field, untranslated, like:

Canceled on commit attempt with conflict in from prepared pivot.

Or perhaps shorten that to just "conflict in from prepared pivot", as the fact that it happened on commit attempt should be clear from the context - the error happened at a COMMIT statement.

That would be similar to what we do with OS error messages, with %m. It would be more obvious that the untranslated message is some internal information that the user is not expect to understand, and that it is untranslated on purpose.

That's my 2c, anyway. I see you committed this already, I don't violently object to that either...

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