Alvaro Herrera <> wrote:
> Excerpts from Tom Lane's message:
>> I think that Peter's real concern is whether these are worth
>> translating, and I share that doubt.  Perhaps we should invent an
>> errdetail_internal, parallel to errmsg_internal, that works like
>> errdetail but doesn't treat the message as a candidate for
>> translation?
> Yeah.  The other point is that translated versions of those
> phrases are likely to introduce randomly diverging terms, which is
> not going to help with debugging.  As long as the technology is
> new enough that a user is going to need help from -hackers (or at
> least someone who read and grokked README.SSI) to debug a problem,
> there's no benefit to translating those errdetails.
OK, since that seems to be the consensus, I put a patch together. 
Testing it now.  Will post once I've confirmed it doesn't break

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