On 03/17/2012 04:42 PM, Dave Page wrote:

On Saturday, March 17, 2012, Atri Sharma <atri.j...@gmail.com <mailto:atri.j...@gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> I believe,with the ALTER command,we plan to give the user power to modify ordering . Don’t we?

Probably, but that's not relevant to my point as far as I can see - I was objecting to your suggestion that the "middle layer" that translates the physical to logical ordering and vice-versa (if I understood your description correctly) be in the client.

Mine too. We don't want a column ordering that's different for everyone. That's a recipe for mass confusion. We want to be able to mutate the ordering for everyone, and for everyone to see the same ordering. That means it MUST be done purely in the backend (as indeed all ALTER TABLE commands must be.)



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