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I was just going through PGfoundry and I think I will be able to work
on the PL/Java project.Please let me know If I can proceed further on
ot for GSOC and also,if currently there is any work that needs to be
done on PL/java.

Hm, I'm not sure on PL/Java.  As far as I know, it is a dead project.

I haven't followed PL/java either, but it doesn't look quite dead to me. The last release was in September 2011, and there are active discussions on the mailing lists. If it's not completely up-to-date with latest JDK and PostgreSQL releases, perhaps bringing it up-to-date and then adding some missing functionality would be a useful GSoC project.

I would suggest that you ask on the pl/java mailing list if there is something suitable for a GSoC project there, and if one of the pl/java developers would be willing to mentor.

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