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> I am understanding the scenario now. I will take a little of your time to
> modify my original idea:
> The "middle layer" still exists, but NOT on the individual client side ,
> rather , on the server side. That is, we maintain the middle layer on the
> server, and it is same for all the users. We can mutate the ordering, and
> changes would be reflected in all the clients, since they are all accessing
> the same middle layer, present on the server.

I will take a little of your time to ask whether you read the older
threads on the topic -- the one that Andrew Dunstan linked to, and the
older ones, to which that email links to?  This whole area has been
extensively discussed before.

In any case, I repeat what I said before: this is way too complex a
topic for it to make a good GSoC project (unless you're already
intimately familiar with the parser and executor code.)  You need to
pick something smaller, more localized.  

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