On 10/28/2013 05:52 PM, Stéphan BEUZE wrote:
> Is it OK if I send a test case written in Java ? Or is there a well
> defined way to post test case ?

A standalone test case written in Java is pretty easy to run. Just
provide build and run instructions - for example, if it's a stand-alone
file, install the JDK for your OS (install OpenJDK from package
management if on Linux) then:

javac TheClass.java
java -cp postgresql-9.2-1003.jdbc3.jar: TheClass

Most PostgreSQL users on this list won't have much if any Java tooling
installed, won't know Ant, Maven, JDBC drivers, etc. So Java test cases
will need to be documented for a from-scratch start. I'm happy to run
any test case, and I _have_ used a bunch of Java tools.

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