You may find additional answers in my last email.
However, I'll try to adress some of your questions.

    a. Are there any new connections happening, how this table is getting 
Check my last email.

    b. How did you concluded that above sql statement leads to error,
because this error doesn't seem to occur in path of above sql
The errors appear when I added the second threads.

    c. Are there any other sql statements in connection where you see this 
This is the only statement that generat this error.

    Can you explain a bit more about your scenario, so that this error
can be reproduced easily.
Please check my last full detailed email.

Some comments about SQL statements:
      a. table name provided as part of schema (mystat) is different
from one used in sql statement(my_stat)
Sorry, for the typos

      b. definition of sequence mystat_sequence is missing, although it
doesn't seem to be necessary, but if you can provide the definition
you are using
          then it will be better.
The definition of the sequence is provided in my detailed email among other things too.

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