On 18/11/13 09:45, David Johnston wrote:
David E. Wheeler-3 wrote
I like JSONB because:

1. The "B" means "binary"
2. The "B" means "second"
3. It's short
4. See also BYTEA.
"json_strict" :

Not sure about the "bytea" reference off-hand...

I was pondering "jsons" which meets the short property just fine and the
trailing "s" would stand for "strict" which is the user-visible semantic
that this type exhibits rather than some less-visible "binary" attribute
which most users would not really care about.  I dislike the implication of
plural-ness that the "s" imparts, though.

Implication of "second" doesn't seem that important since both types provide
useful semantics.

I can imagine where the short aspect will lead people to accidentally type
"json" where they mean to use "jsonb" and having a just a single extra
character will increase the likelihood they will not notice.  Knowing about
and having used "json_strict" previously it will be more probable that such
users will noticeably feel something is missing if they drop the whole
"_strict" suffix.

So, I'll toss out "json_strict" for my bikeshed contribution.

David J.

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