On 12/13/2013 02:35 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Fabr=EDzio_de_Royes_Mello?= <fabriziome...@gmail.com> writes:
I think the goal of the "make_date/time/timestamp" function series is build
a date/time/timestamp from scratch, so the use of 'make_timestamptz' is to
build a specific timestamp with timezone and don't convert it.
Yeah; we don't really want to incur an extra timezone rotation just to get
to a timestamptz.  However, it's not clear to me if make_timestamptz()
needs to have an explicit zone parameter or not.  It could just assume
that you meant the active timezone.


Why not overload the function, with one version having the explicit TZ param?



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