Magnus Hagander <> writes:
> One thing I noticed - in MSVC, the config parameter "krb5" (equivalent of
> the removed --with-krb5) enabled *both* krb5 and gssapi, and there is no
> separate config parameter for gssapi. Do we want to rename that one to
> "gss", or do we want to keep it as "krb5"? Renaming it would break
> otherwise working environments, but it's kind of weird to leave it...

+1 for renaming --- anybody who's building with "krb5" and expecting to,
you know, actually *get* krb5 would probably rather find out about this
change at build time instead of down the road a ways.

A compromise position would be to introduce a gss parameter while leaving
krb5 in place as a deprecated (perhaps undocumented?) synonym for it.
But I think that's basically confusing.

                        regards, tom lane

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