We start with a database called Postgres and a schema called Public.
Yet we don't start up with any usable tables.

I propose we add a single table called Postgres when we Initdb

  CREATE TABLE Postgres (Id Integer, Data Jsonb);
  COMMENT ON TABLE Postgres IS 'Single table for quick start usage -
design your database';

The purpose of this is to make the database immediately usable. By
including this table in the default  initdb it will mean that programs
can rely on the existence of this table and begin working quicker.

By now, some of you will be doubled over laughing as if this is an
April fool joke.  I don't mean it to be at all.

The idea is to have a stupidly obvious and easy table that will
potentially be usable by just about everyone, in any language.

If you don't like it, don't use it. If you really dislike it, drop it.

But for new people coming to Postgres, they will have a data object to
access and begin using the database immediately. Their code will work,
their examples will work. OK, so they need to go back and think about
the design, but at least they got it to work and will be encouraged to
do more.

Remember when we didn't have a database called Postgres? Remember how
much simpler life is now? Remember that now.

We can also insert a single row, Id = 0 with "Postgres sample data" in
it, but that seems a step too far.

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