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> I propose we add a single table called Postgres when we Initdb
>   CREATE TABLE Postgres (Id Integer, Data Jsonb);
>   COMMENT ON TABLE Postgres IS 'Single table for quick start usage -
> design your database';
> The purpose of this is to make the database immediately usable. By
> including this table in the default  initdb it will mean that programs
> can rely on the existence of this table and begin working quicker.
I'm not quite sure it would serve the same purpose as to what you're
proposing here, but for a long time I've thought that it would be nice if
PostgreSQL came with an example database that had a number of tables,
perhaps that mock up some easy to relate to real-world application. These
would be very useful to use as examples in the documents instead of
inventing them in the ad-hoc way that we currently do. Like here:

In the above link we have some table called empsalary, but the new user
can't go an execute that query to test it without first working out how to
first create a table and insert some data into that table.

It would be really nice if new users could create this example database
somehow and then they could play around with the example queries we put in
the manual.


David Rowley

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