Simon Riggs wrote:
> I propose we add a single table called Postgres when we Initdb
>   CREATE TABLE Postgres (Id Integer, Data Jsonb);
>   COMMENT ON TABLE Postgres IS 'Single table for quick start usage -
> design your database';
> The purpose of this is to make the database immediately usable. By
> including this table in the default  initdb it will mean that programs
> can rely on the existence of this table and begin working quicker.
> By now, some of you will be doubled over laughing as if this is an
> April fool joke.  I don't mean it to be at all.
> The idea is to have a stupidly obvious and easy table that will
> potentially be usable by just about everyone, in any language.

I am a PostgreSQL newbie.
How is this table useful for me?
I want to develop a database application.
I want to store personal data like name and birth date!

Actually, I feel confused.  What should I do with this table?
Is it part of the database system?  Will the database be broken if
I drop it?  Do I have to ship it with my application?

> If you don't like it, don't use it. If you really dislike it, drop it.

No, I'm not the kind of person who reads a manual to figure out what to
do with this table.  I want to start coding *right now*.

> But for new people coming to Postgres, they will have a data object to
> access and begin using the database immediately. Their code will work,
> their examples will work. OK, so they need to go back and think about
> the design, but at least they got it to work and will be encouraged to
> do more.

I have found a sample application for personal data on the internet.
How can I make it work with this table?

> Remember when we didn't have a database called Postgres? Remember how
> much simpler life is now? Remember that now.

Good that you mention that!  I have wondered what to do with it.
When I first connected to PostgreSQL, I created a sample table, but the
senior developer from the other office told me that this is the "postgres"
database and that I shouldn't create any objects there.

What is it good for?  Can I delete it?

Laurenz Albe

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