Andrew Dunstan wrote:

> Here is what I do on my FreeBSD VM. I have 2 animals, nightjar and
> friarbird. They have the same buildroot. friarbird is set up to
> build with CLOBBER_CACHE_ALWAYS, building just HEAD and just testing
> C locale; nightjar builds all branches we are interested in and
> tests locale cs_CZ.utf8 in addition to C.

So nightjar would build frequently almost all the time, but as soon as
friarbird is doing a CLOBBER run nightjar would just stop running?  That
seems a bit odd, given that the CLOBBER runs take a lot longer than
non-CLOBBER ones.  (I guess it makes sense if you don't want to devote
double CPU time now and then to running the CLOBBER animal, but other
than that there doesn't seem to be a point to setting it up like that.)

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