On 9.5.2014 17:18, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Tomas Vondra wrote:
>> So, if I get this right, the proposal is to have 7 animals:
> It's your machine, so you decide what you want.  I'm only throwing
> out some ideas.
>> 1) all branches/locales, frequent builds (every few hours) magpie
>> - gcc fulmar  - icc treepie - clang
>> 2) single branch/locale, CLOBBER, built once a week magpie2 - gcc 
>> fulmar2 - icc treepie - clang
>> 3) single branch/locale, recursive CLOBBER, built once a month
> Check.  Not those "2" names though.

Sure. That was just for illustration purposes.

>> I don't particularly mind the number of animals, although I was
>> shooting for lower number.
> Consider that if the recursive clobber fails, we don't want that
> failure to appear "diluted" among many successes of runs using the
> same animal with non-recursive clobber.
>> The only question is - should we use 3 animals for the recursive
>> CLOBBER too? I mean, one for each compiler?
> I guess it depends how likely we think that a different compiler
> will change the behavior of the shared invalidation queue.  Somebody
> else would have to answer that.  If not, then clearly we need only 5
> animals.

Well, I think you're forgetting CLOBBER_FREED_MEMORY - that's not just
about the invalidation queue. And I think we've been bitten by compilers
optimizing out parts of the code before (e.g. because we relied on
undefined behaviour).


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