Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> I'm shocked that this new feature has been committed post beta with less
> than 48 hours of review time over a holiday weekend.  This issue has
> been known for years.  Why does it need to be solved right now?

As per the commit message: our packagers were screaming about the fact
that they couldn't build uuid-ossp anymore now that autoconf 2.69 has
tightened up its validity checks for headers.  If you don't like this
change, we can revert it and also revert the upgrade to 2.69.

I'm not terribly happy about pushing such a change post-beta1 either,
but it's not like this isn't something we've known was needed.  Anyway,
what's the worst case if we find a bug here?  Tell people not to use

                        regards, tom lane

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