> The patch looks somewhat complicated and bugs can be easily introduced
> because it tries to not only add new feature but also reorganize the main
> loop in HandleCopyStream at the same time. To keep the patch simple, I'm
> thinking to firstly apply the attached patch which just refactors the
> main loop. Then we can apply the main patch, i.e., add new feature.
> Thought?
Thank you for the refactoring patch.
I did a review of the patch.
As a result, I found the calculation of sleeptime when the --status-intarvall 
is set to 1 was incorrect.

--status-intarvall 1 -->  sleeptime 1.9999 !?
--status-intarvall 2 -->  sleeptime 1.9999 OK
--status-intarvall 3 -->  sleeptime 2.9999 OK


Furuya Osamu

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