Zeugswetter Andreas SB SD wrote:
> > The question is *which* seek APIs we need to support.  Are there any
> > besides fseeko() and fgetpos()?
> On AIX we have 
> int fseeko64 (FILE* Stream, off64_t Offset, int Whence);
> which is intended for large file access for programs that do NOT
> #define _LARGE_FILES
> It is functionality that is available if _LARGE_FILE_API is defined,
> which is the default if _LARGE_FILES is not defined.
> That would have been my preferred way of handling large files on AIX
> in the two/three? places that need it (pg_dump/restore, psql and backend COPY).
> This would have had the advantage that off_t is not 64 bit in all other places
> where it is actually not needed, no ?

OK, I am focusing on AIX now.  I don't think we can go down the road of
saying where large file support is needed or not needed.  I think for
each platform either we support large files or we don't.  Is there a way
to have off_t be 64 bits everywhere, and if it is, why wouldn't we just
enable that rather than poke around figuring out where it is needed?

Also, I have the open item:

        Fix AIX + Large File + Flex problem

Is there an AIX problem with Flex?

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