At 12:07 AM 25/10/2002 -0400, Bruce Momjian wrote:
I don't think we can assume that off_t can be passed to fset/getpos
unless we know the platform supports it, unless people think fpos_t
being integral and the same size as fpos_t is enough.
We don't need to. We would #define FILE_OFFSET as fpos_t in that case.

Also, I don't think these can be done a macro, perhaps
fseeko(...,SEEK_SET), but not the others, and not ftello.  See
port/fseeko.c for the reason.
My understanding was that you could define a block and declare variables in a macro; just use a local for the temp storage of the in/out args. If this is the only thing stopping you adopting this approach, then I am very happy to try to code the macros properly.

However, I do get the impression that there is more resistance to the idea than just this.

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