On 08/19/2014 05:02 AM, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> I am finally able to get back around to this and I am still calling:
> Hokey. I just loaded up a fresh precise (I assume trusty will act the
> same way) and installed postgresql. I installed it, without the PDGD
> repository and everything worked perfectly. The only error I got when
> using pgxnclient to install pg_repack was an error about not having
> libedit-dev installed. I installed it, and it was perfect. I even tested
> with create extension etc...
> So... If we are supposed to ship the "latest" lib... how come Debian or
> Ubuntu don't do that? They ship the latest lib for the version they are
> shipping and because of that, everything works, as expected.
> I iterate, the current apt.postgresql.org is not doing things correctly.
> It breaks things and it shouldn't.

FWIW, this is inconsistent with what yum.postgresql.org does - it takes
the POLA approach of packing the libpq from the major release configured
in the repo. Each major has its own sub-repo.

I find it pretty hard to justify installing a 9.3 libpq alongside a 9.1
server myself.

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