On 8/17/14 5:19 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:
> Alvaro, all,
> * Stephen Frost (sfr...@snowman.net) wrote:
>> As mentioned, I'll add this to the ALTER TABLE documentation and remove
>> it from the TABLESPACE docs.  That's not done yet but I should have time
>> in the next few days to get that done also and will then commit it all
>> to master and back-patch to 9.4, barring objections.
> Here's a first pass with the documentation changes included.  Feedback
> welcome, and I'll review it again and plan to commit it on Tuesday.

One thing that is not clear from this (before or after) is whether "all
{tables|indexes|etc} in the tablespace" actually means "in this
tablespace and in the current database".  Presumably it does.

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