>>>>> "Heikki" == Heikki Linnakangas <hlinnakan...@vmware.com> writes:

 > On 08/13/2014 09:43 PM, Atri Sharma wrote:
 >> Sorry, forgot to attach the patch for fixing cube in contrib,
 >> which breaks since we now reserve "cube" keyword. Please find
 >> attached the same.

 Heikki> Ugh, that will make everyone using the cube extension
 Heikki> unhappy. After this patch, they will have to quote contrib's
 Heikki> cube type and functions every time.

 Heikki> I think we should bite the bullet and rename the extension,

I agree, the contrib/cube patch as posted is purely so we could test
everything without having to argue over the new name first.  (And it
is posted separately from the main patch because of its length and
utter boringness.)

However, even if/when a new name is chosen, there's the question of
how to make the upgrade path easiest. Once CUBE is reserved,
up-to-date pg_dump will quote all uses of the "cube" type and function
when dumping an older database (except inside function bodies of
course), so there may be merit in keeping a "cube" domain over the new
type, and maybe also merit in keeping the extension name.

So what's the new type name going to be? cuboid? hypercube?
geometric_cube?  n_dimensional_box?

Andrew (irc:RhodiumToad)

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