Andrew Dunstan <> writes:
> I'm inclined to think that the audience for this is far larger than the 
> audience for the cube extension, which I have not once encountered in 
> the field.

Perhaps so.  I would really prefer not to have to get into estimating
how many people will be inconvenienced how badly.  It's clear to me
that not a lot of sweat has been put into seeing if we can avoid
reserving the keyword, and I think we need to put in that effort.
We've jumped through some pretty high hoops to avoid reserving keywords in
the past, so I don't think this patch should get a free pass on the issue.

Especially considering that renaming the cube extension isn't exactly
going to be zero work: there is no infrastructure for such a thing.
A patch consisting merely of s/cube/foobar/g isn't going to cut it.

                        regards, tom lane

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