On 03/09/14 15:24, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

On 09/02/2014 04:01 PM, Álvaro Hernández Tortosa wrote:

     It's not copying. It's easying a path for others to migrate and
come to Postgres.

     I'm interested why you are more interested in MSSQL. My reasons for
being interested in Oracle are:

- It has more users (biggest and above all, the main reason: we could
attract more)
- Postgres is perceived as "similar" to Oracle (so migration is likely
to be easier)

That's all I want. Grow postgres userbase, attracting Oracle users :)

I find that we have more opportunity to replace MSSQL than Oracle. Obviously it depends on a lot of things but my goal is as yours, just with a different database.

Honestly, I don't care whether MSSQL or Oracle. What I want is to attract more users, get Postgres out of where it is and appeal even more users. With that regard, Oracle or MSSQL doesn't matter to me.

That's why if you have some time, I'd love to listen to why do you think there is more opportunity to replace MSSQL. We may continue that privately as is a little bit off-topic.



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