21.12.2014, 18:48, Fabrízio de Royes Mello kirjoitti:
> I work with some customer that have databases with a lot of schemas and
> sometimes we need to run manual VACUUM in one schema, and would be nice
> to have a new option to run vacuum in relations from a specific schema.
> The new syntax could be:
> VACUUM [ FULL ] [ FREEZE ] [ VERBOSE ] {  [ table_name ] | SCHEMA
> schema_name }
> Also I'll add a new option to "vacuumdb" client:
> -S, --schema=SCHEMA
> I can work on this feature to 2015/02 CF.
> Thoughts?

This would be useful for ANALYZE to make it easier to run analyze only
for the interesting schemas after a pg_upgrade.  I have a database with
most of the actively used data in the "public" schema and a number of
rarely accessed large logging and archive tables in other schemas.  It'd
be useful to prioritize analyzing the main tables before doing anything
about the rarely used schemas to allow the database to be put back into
production as soon as possible.

/ Oskari

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