Hello Robert,



I removed some of the new error-reporting stuff because (1) I wasn't sure it was right

Hmmm. Although I'm not sure it was right, I'm sure that not enough error reporting is too rough:

  sh> ./pgbench -f bad.sql
  syntax error at column 25
  set: parse error

and (2) it touched more places than just the ones directly relevant to the patch.

It just tried to report errors consistently from all places.

I think those things can be resubmitted as a separate patch,

Yep, I'll do that.

but I'd like to have a more robust discussion about what we want the error reporting to look like rather than just sliding it into this patch.

As an input, I suggest that the error reporting feature should provide a clue about where the issue is, including a line number and possibly the offending line. Not sure what else is needed.


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