On Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 1:39 AM, Michael Paquier
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>> Do you mean removing totally VacuumStmt from the stack? We would then
>> need to add relation and va_cols as additional arguments of things
>> like vacuum_rel, analyze_rel, do_analyze_rel or similar.
>> FWIW, adding do_toast and for_wraparound into VacuumParams makes sense
>> to me, but not VacuumStmt. It has little meaning as VacuumParams
>> should be used for parameters.
> But code may tell more than words, so here is some. I noticed that
> moving for_wraparound in VacuumParams makes more sense than relid and
> do_toast as those values need special handling when vacuum_rel is
> called for a toast relation. For the patches that are separated for
> clarity:
> - 0001 is the previous one
> - 0002 removes VacuumStmt from the call stack of ANALYZE and VACUUM routines
> - 0003 moves for_wraparound in VacuumParams.

Yeah, I think something like this could be a sensible approach.

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