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> * Alvaro Herrera (alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
> > I went to change this patch status in the commitfest app, and the app
> > told me I cannot change the status in the current commitfest.  Please
> > somebody with commitfest mace superpowers set it as ready for committer.
> I'm afraid the issue is a business decision which is incorrect as it's
> complaining that it's in a "Closed" state and you're trying to change it
> to an "Open" state.  While it's neat to think a patch could never be
> reopened, it's clearly not accurate.
> Adding Magnus to this, as I'm pretty sure he has some code to go hack
> (or perhaps just remove.. :).

I could've sworn I'd fixed that, but pretty obviously I hadn't. Sorry about

Fixed now - a patch can now go from closed back to open in the last
commitfest where it was closed.

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