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Alvaro Herrera <alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
But autovacuum is still manufacturing a VacuumStmt by hand.  If we want
to get rid of that, I think it'd work to have a new
ExecVacuum(VacuumStmt, params) function which is called from
standard_ProcessUtility and does just vacuum(rel, relid, params).
Autovacuum on the other hand can call vacuum() without having to
construct the parse node.

Why would we want to get rid of that?  A struct is a handy and legible
way to pass a pile of parameters.  I doubt it would be an improvement for
vacuum() to grow a long list of separate parameters.

We're not exactly getting rid of it; Thomas' patch adds a second struct that deals with detailed vacuum parameters that are not actually present in VacuumStmt. These are things that are specific to autovac but not manual VACUUM. But the patch in it's current form still have autovac building a somewhat bogus VacuumStmt.

What's being proposed is to expose VacuumStmt (which only makes sense for VACUUM) only where it's needed, and use VacuumParams everywhere else. In particular, this means autovac will just deal with VacuumParams and will no longer build a fake VacuumStmt.
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