* Alvaro Herrera (alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
> Kam Lasater wrote:
> > I'd suggest: Github Issues, Pivotal Tracker or Redmine (probably in
> > that order). There are tens to hundreds of other great ones out there,
> > I'm sure one of them would also work.
> If you install debbugs and feed it from our lists, maybe enough of us
> would jump into the bandwagon enough to get it off the ground.  I'm
> unsure that it would work to maintain something that's too removed from
> the mailing lists.

The difficulty with this is that someone has to actually offer up to
maintain it.  Bug trackers do not maintain themselves.

Personally, I do like debbugs and it would likely be the least offensive
approch to those who ike the current mailing list.  I don't know offhand
how much effort it would be to set up, perhaps I'll ask around.

Further, the distributions which most of our users use do have their own
bug trackers (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat) which include tracking bugs in



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