On 09/23/2015 11:18 AM, Kam Lasater wrote:
> At this point not having one is borderline negligent. I'd suggest:
> Github Issues, Pivotal Tracker or Redmine (probably in that order).
> There are tens to hundreds of other great ones out there, I'm sure one
> of them would also work.

First, understand that the Postgres project was created before bug
trackers existed. And people are very slow to change their habits,
especially since not having a bug tracker was actually a benefit up
until around 2005.  It's not anymore, but I'm sure people will argue
with my statement on that.

We have to use something OSS; open source projects depending on
closed-source infra is bad news.  Out of what's available, I'd actually
choose Bugzilla; as much as BZ frustrates the heck out of me at times,
it's the only OSS tracker that's at all sophisticated.

The alternative would be someone building a sophisticated system on top
of RequestTracker, which would also let us have tight mailing list
integration given RT's email-driven model.  However, that would require
someone with the time to build a custom workflow system and web UI on
top of RT.  It's quite possible that Best Practical would be willing to
help here.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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