Szymon Lipiński wrote:

> Then I need to read through the emails. This is not user friendly too, as I
> need to click through the email tree, and if an email has multiple replies,
> it is usually hard not to omit some of them, as after going into a reply, I
> need to click to get to the parent mail again.

Evidently, the "flat" link is easy to miss.  Give it a try.

The bug tracker is not intended as a feature-request tracker, anyway.
Those two things are very different, even if many projects just conflate
the two things.

> Personally I'd also change sending patches in emails to github pull
> requests :).

That won't happen, at least not this decade.

> ... or maybe the difference is more in the data structure, the email
> discussion is a tree (with a horrible interface to the archive) while in a
> bug tracker, the discussion is linear, and easier to follow.

FWIW in my opinion our mailing list archives interface is the best there
is --- and I disagree that the linear discussion is easy to follow,
except for trivial discussions.

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