>> Personally I'd also change sending patches in emails to github pull
>> requests :).
> That won't happen, at least not this decade.

FWIW, a year ago I might have agreed that a github pull-request would
be preferable.  However, since, I have grown to really like the patch
via email approach.  I can see a lot of value in keeping patch
submission decoupled from a specific service/technology/workflow in
this way.

>> ... or maybe the difference is more in the data structure, the email
>> discussion is a tree (with a horrible interface to the archive) while in a
>> bug tracker, the discussion is linear, and easier to follow.
> FWIW in my opinion our mailing list archives interface is the best there
> is --- and I disagree that the linear discussion is easy to follow,
> except for trivial discussions.

In my experience, following other mailing lists, I really appreciate
our interface.  I'm not sure that I'd call it the best, but I've
certainly seen far worse and I have no real complaints about it.  What
I think I like best about it is that it has an community "official"
status, meaning we don't depend on some other mirror/archive site to
support it, like gmane or spinics.  This is just my opinion though.


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