I have added full text searching to my tracker.  I only index the first
50 KB of each message.  There's apparently a one MB limit on that
anyway, which a few messages exceed.  I figure anything important is
probably in the first 50KB.  I could be wrong.  I could re-index fairly
easily.  It seems to work pretty well.

I have changed the 'stale' status to 90 days.  I have triaged most of
the remaining bugs with a message count > 1.  This is in a separate
file if it some other system wants to collect the work.

I am still working out exactly how to find multiple matching commits
along different branches.  I'm running git patch-id on every commit,
but that will take a while.

Later tonight I will implement some in-message-body update syntax I'm
also going to create (internally) a web page for the bugs that allows
editing the status from that page.  I will post the details on that
once I've tested it a bit.  I'll probably make a web page allowing
updates as well.

How often are the bugs mail list archives updated?  I've got a bunch of
posts to the bugs list in my inbox that aren't in the archive download.


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