Paul Ramsey <> writes:
> [ 20151006b_postgres_fdw_extensions.patch ]

Starting to look through this now.  I'm dubious of the decision to have
ExtractExtensionList throw errors if there are un-installed extensions
mentioned in the FDW options.  Wouldn't it be a lot more convenient if
such extension names were silently ignored?  You cannot guarantee that the
list is always up to date anyway; consider creating a server, setting some
extension options, and then dropping some of those extensions.  Moreover,
the current semantics create a hazard for pg_dump, which can't reasonably
be expected to know that it must restore extensions X and Y before it can
create foreign server Z.

There might be a case for raising a WARNING during
postgres_fdw_validator(), but no more than that, IMO.  Certainly ERROR
during regular use of the server is right out.


                        regards, tom lane

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